VB119: TV Doctor explains that, "When suffering from lower back pain, it is good to find a back support that works on the core muscle groups and that you can wear for long periods of time without discomfort." As he suggests:

"For my patients I currently recommend VertiBaX when they are suffering, as it provides both of these key elements to aid their rehabilitation."

VB101: "At last I can do the gardening for hours instead of minutes at a time. I've been able to do digging, barrowing and landscaping without any after effects. I've also started to wear the belt for work - as a childminder I do a lot of bending, picking up etc. and again I no longer struggle at the end of the day. This belt is worth every penny! Published 14 months ago by C. ARBON (Amazon Customer)

VB101: "Four years ago after lengthy bedridden illness, spine scoliosis developed, trapping nerves in the lower back. The result was inability to walk more than ten paces and an inability to stand for more than three minutes. My life was changed and I became utterly dependent on others, this after some sixty years of normal activity-including regular swimming, athletics, rugby, fell-walking and worldwide travel. From the first hour of applying the Lower Back: Healthcare Sensory Belt from VertiBaX the unbearable hip-down severe pain softened to an ache. After one week I was able to walk 100m, after two weeks 250m and now after six weeks my every day stroll in the park is over 500m. The scoliosis is still there, but I feel that the nerve pain is under control whilst I await an operation. The relief is wonderful! Its advent has changed my life back towards normal and I'm back in the community, in society. Profound thanks for your invention."        RW (Leeds)

VB101/VB102 "Standing for long periods of time as a hairdresser started my lower back problems, something I have had for many years. On visiting an osteopath I was informed that I was suffering from sciatica, which comes and goes depending on the level of strain I place on my back. Having initially purchased the VB101 Lower Back: Healthcare Sensory Belt and gained significant pain relief, I returned to purchase the VB102 Lower Back: Active Support. Combining the actions of both supports has made my life a whole lot better."    Bryan Gordon (Essex)

Vb119: Having borrowed a friend's Vertibax belt (VB119), I was so impressed I ordered one myself. It certainly helped with a recurrent lower back problem. However, I mistakenly ordered the wrong one (VB101- they look very similar on the website, if you're not aware that there are two alike). I decided to rate the belt anyway, stating what a very prompt service it was. I also mentioned my disappointment at the change in design, not realising my mistake. This was on a Sunday evening, imagine my astonishment to receive an instant reply, (from the designer!), on said Sunday evening, explaining my mistake, and assuring me that an exchange was no problem! And it wasn't, I returned the belt and it has been exchanged all within a few days. Excellent service! San Ferry Ann (Staffordshire)

VB101: This is such a comfy belt and definitely has helped my lower back. Can easily be worn under clothes, even jeans. Keeps lower back lovely and warm as well as offering support. I use it now whenever tackling any physical job as it seems to prevent the back strain in the first place! LAS Greenparrottravel (UK)

VB101: An avid exerciser, I have suffered from lower back pain on and off for the past 10 years. I accepted the wince of pain as I stood up from deep chairs or from the bed as the price of working so hard and long... This time the pain stared a week ago and I had the usual massage... then chiropractic treatment... then I ordered this product yesterday. It arrived in the post today. Within MINUTES of putting the thing on (you can hardly see that I'm wearing it) the pain was GONE. Literally disappeared. Who knew that something so simple could provide so much relief? I'm just going out for a hike... it is on and staying on. R.E Riley (UK Amazon Customer).

VB121: "Research shows that 52% of gardeners will at some stage injure their back, and being one of that number I was pleased to find a product that truly offers joint pain relief, allowing me to continue working in comfort. I have found the VertiBaX products to be unique in that they really do stay in place when carrying out manual work, providing a supportive role without getting in the way". Chris Myers UK Landscape Gardener

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