Harley: Original Coccyx Seat Wedge HL4050

Brand: Harley
Product Code: HL4050
Availability: In Stock

A firm lower spine pressure relieving 11 degree angled wedge which can be placed on old or badly designed seating to restore the natural 'S' curve of the spine: Is made from a high quality removable velour covering containing a high density fabric interior; standard delivery 2-4 days.

The Coccyx area of the wedge is cut out to produce less pressure on the base of the spine, to specifically help sufferers of lower back pain. It is portable and ideal for home and office use and has proven to be particularly effective at bringing back pain relief to sufferers of invertebral disc lesions, arthrosis and degenerative joint diseases. Commonly purchased with lower back pain relief supports.

Manufacturer's 2 year guarantee.

Size: Width 36cm, depth from front of the seat to the back 36cm, thickness 10cm at the base of the wedge narrowing to 2cm at the front.

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