VertiBaX: One Size Back Pain Relief Belt VB101

Brand: VertiBaX - Revolutionary Joint Pain Relief Products
Product Code: VB101
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The original, slimline, all day everyday pain relief solution for sufferers of PERSISTENT LOWER BACK PAIN: A lightweight product, providing breathable revolutionary lower back pain relief; bringing warming and sensory benefits to core muscle groups; standard delivery 2-4 days.

One Size Fits All : Waist Size Measurement 26 inches to 44 inches.

A Class 1 Medical Device benefitting sufferers of sciatica, scoliosis, degenerative disc disorders and arthritis: It ensures that body heat, blood flow and compression remain consistent, whilst the lower back belt is being worn all day, every day; it is lightweight and can be worn comfortably underneath clothes; unique shape prevents the build up of muscle tension and pain in the core muscles of the lower back; Velcro straps are designed to be cut to size to ensure that the Lower Back: Healthcare Sensory Belt is close fitting; Once fitted the lower back belt moulds to the shape of the body; 19cm width depth at the back narrowing to 7.5cm width depth at the front  

MADE IN THE UK from a 2mm lightweight breathable fabric, (90% neoprene rubber, 10% nylon polyester), that has unique domed shaped vapour chambers which flex and stretch with each movement of the body, creating a perfect microclimate between the skin and fabric of the belt, keeping muscles warm and relaxed without overheating at every level of physical activity.

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