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A revolutionary sports lower back support, for the active user who wishes to protect their lower back from injury or who has suffered from LOWER BACK PAIN DURING EXERCISE previously; standard delivery 2-4 days.

SIZE MEASURING AROUND THE WAIST: Small    22"-28.25"  (55.9-71.8cm); Medium    28.50"-35"  (72.4-89.0cm); Large     35.25"-41"  (90.4-104.20cm); X-Large    41.25-46.5  (104.6-118.1cm).

A Class 1 Medical Device; for use by the professionals and public, the Lower Back Sports Support is: A close fitting product that moulds to the shape of the body, remaining in place during intense levels of exercise. It is worn comfortably during periods of exercise to provide support and stability to the lower back and core muscle groups. It increases blood flow to the injured area and provides even compression to the lower back as it is used during exercise; its unique shape allows it to be worn comfortably underneath clothes, preventing the build up of muscle tension and lower back pain.

Originally developed for UK and International Gymnasts, the VertiBaX Sports Lower Back Support also known as the Lower Back Active Support is a world leader in preventing injury to the body's lower back and core muscle groups during exercise. Over the years it has featured in the Times Newspaper and used and endorsed by Horse Jumping guru Andy Austin and BBC award winning gardener Chris Myers, amongst others, this revolutionary lower back support is guaranteed to enhance your enjoyment of exercise if you are concerned about having a weak lower back or sufferer of lower back ache during exercise.

MADE IN THE UK from a high density 3mm fabric (90% neoprene rubber, 10% nylon polyester), a firm but flexible material providing support to the body's core muscles without restricting movement, relieving back strains and pains during increased levels of exercise, sizing ensuring that as the waist measurement gets larger the depth of the product also increases in proportion.


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