VertiBaX: Elbow Sports Active Support VBX109

Brand: VertiBaX - Revolutionary Joint Pain Relief Products
Product Code: VBX109
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A sporting elbow muscle joint support for those who suffer from ELBOW PAIN DURING EXERCISE: A Class 1 Medical Device; unique wrap around design; as used by professionals and the public. Velcro hook and loop closure system; allows a full range of adjustable compression fitments; standard delivery 2-4 days.Wrap around elbow joint muscle support, with unique design allowing freedom of movement, for sufferers of ELBOW PAIN DURING EXERCISE.

A Class 1 Medical Device registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, worn during activity to:

  • Provide strengthening support to the elbow;
  • reducing the risk of further elbow injury;
  • bringing confidence to allow for longer periods of sustained exercise;
  • without experiencing elbow pain;
  • returning to fitness more quickly.

MADE IN THE UK from a high density 3mm fabric (90% neoprene rubber, 10% nylon polyester), a firm but flexible material providing support to muscle groups around the joint without restricting movement, relieving strains and pains during increased levels of exercise, its unique design ensuring that it remains fixed in place at all levels of activity.

One size fits all 7.25"-11.75" (18.4cm-29.8cm): Measurement taken around the mid-section of the elbow with a straight arm

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