VertiBaX: Patella Optimum Tension Brace VBX203

Brand: VertiBaX - Revolutionary Joint Pain Relief Products
Product Code: VBX203
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A medically advanced Patella Brace, stabilising knee cap tracking: Ideal for the recovery process following a knee injury; helping to reduce inflammation of the knee joint; full range of fitments and tensions from a one size fits most product; standard delivery 2-4 days.

The most medically advanced patella brace with adjustable tension and neoprene insert, assisting with corrective patella tracking. 

A Class 1 Medical Device as used by the professionals and public, the Knee: Patella Optimum Tension Brace is:

  • worn comfortably all day, every day;
  • to prevent build up of inflammation in the knee joint;
  • caused by incorrect patella alignment;
  • increasing the rate of rehabilitation following a knee injury;
  • remove stiffness and relieving pain;
  • its unique shape ensures that it remains fixed in place at every level of physical activity.

MADE IN THE UK from a breathable neoprene based antibacterial treated foam with a hard wearing stretch nylon exterior lamination, ensuring the product is hard-wearing and performs its function for extended periods of time

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