Equestrian Injury Supports

Support for equestrian injuries can be provided by using neoprene supports, bringing stability to a full range of injuries sustained from the bending and twisting movements experienced whilst taking part in your chosen activity; and through the use of massage aids, hot and cold therpy products and pain relief applications.

We hope you enjoy browsing our range of sport specific products, selected by the SUPPORT4PHYSIO Sports and Exercise Science Specialists; helping the user prevent future injury as well as manage existing injuries, enabling you to work through a rehabilitation programme or enjoy your chosen activity for longer.

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A medically advanced, breathable thermal thumb support: Ideal for the recovery process following; th..
A revolutionary lower back/core muscle support, for sufferers of LOWER BACK PAIN DURING EXERCISE: A ..
A strong lower back support, stabilising core muscle groups DURING HEAVY EXERCISE OR MANUA..
A close fitting, versatile wrap around wrist support, providing: Strengthening support; for those wh..
A sporting elbow muscle joint support for those who suffer from ELBOW PAIN DURING EXERCISE: A Class ..
A medically advanced Patella Brace, stabilising knee cap tracking: Ideal for the recovery process fo..
A knee muscle joint support, for those who suffer from KNEE PAIN DURING EXERCISE; now available in b..
A cold compression wrist wrap providing essential initial First Aid to an injured wrist: Increasing ..
Reusable fabric hot and cold pack, ideal for use for temporary relief from muscle aches, back pain, ..
Sold in 120ml bottles DYNAMINT can be used for over-worked and tired muscles resulting from a l..
Set of two; fast and easy massage, anytime – anyplace: Massage away muscle tensions; improves blood ..
Providing all essential first aid equipment needed in an emergency when carrying out any sporti..
A skin friendly, strong strapping tape for all First Aid situations: Role width 2.5cm/role length 10..
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