Travel Back and Neck Support


VertiBaX back and travel neck pillows can be used to provide neck and full posture support during travel. The VertiBaX Daily Living Store Harley Travel Pillow comes in either the small memory foam travel pillow HL4080 or the small firm neck pillow HL4079. Both pillows have a dual roll in that they can be compressed into a lumbar roll shaped pillow case, providing lumbar support, shoulder support, neck support and head support on a long journey as well as providing a very comfortable and ergonomically shaped neck resting pillow.

The memory foam or designer pillow as it is also known becomes a personalised pillow as it moulds to the shape of your body whilst in use, providing even and balanced support across the whole range of the head and neck. This really is a unique product and the feedback we get from users tells us how they can travel for hours on public transport and on long car journeys, arriving at their destination feeling fresh and ready for action. For information on all our neck pillows please go to comfort lower back and therapy neck pillows.

Disclaimer: As all medical conditions are unique to the individual, if any of the details provided in the article are unclear in any way, professional independent medical advice should be taken before acting upon any of the information given.

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  • Mar 16, 2018
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