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VertiBaX have a long standing tradition of manufacturing the perfect gardeners' back support; having first come onto the scene as the leading manufacturer of gardening back supports in June 2011 at the BBC Gardeners World Live Show in Birmingham. The VertiBaX sponsored garden; the Bodgery; was awarded an RHS Gold Medal and Best in Show Façade Garden. Since then our back care products have been helping gardeners across the country bend and twist with confidence; allowing them to maximise their time in the garden and enjoy the relaxation it brings in comfort.

The key lower back support in question is the VB121, which is available in four sizes, all fitting snugly around the core of the back, stabilising essential lower back muscles, helping to minimise strain on the lower back.

SIZE MEASURING AROUND THE WAIST:  Small      22"-28.25"  (55.9-71.8cm);  Medium  28.50"-35"  (72.4-89.0cm); Large     35.25"-41"  (90.4-104.20cm); X-Large  41.25-46.5" (104.6-118.1cm).

A Class 1 Medical Device; used by professionals and the public, the HeavyTask Active Support is: Anatomically identical to the Core Lumbar Active Support, with four additional rigid, flexible removeable polymer stays; a close fitting product that is worn comfortably during periods of heavy exercise to provide support and stability to the lower back and core muscle groups; it increases blood flow to the injured area, providing even compression support to the lower back; can be worn underneath work clothes, preventing the build up of muscle tension and lower back pain.

MADE IN THE UK from a high density 3mm fabric (90% neoprene rubber, 10% nylon polyester), a firm but flexible material providing support to the body's core muscles without restricting movement, relieving back strains and pains during increased levels of exercise, sizing ensuring that as the waist measurement gets larger the depth of the product also increases in proportion.

This product is receiving excellent reviews from its users; the most recent one being on 4 February 2018, having purchased a VB121L through Amazon said: I am really pleased with this. Supports my back all day I am a book dealer , so constantly moving boxes of heavy books and is comfortable too.

Disclaimer: As all medical conditions are unique to the individual, if any of the details provided in the article are unclear in any way, professional independent medical advice should be taken before acting upon any of the information given.

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