Q: What is the main difference between the Lower Back: Healthcare Sensory Belt and the Lower Back: Active Support?

A: They are two very different products which have been designed to use together to compliment each other. If you have persistent lower back pain, constant aching, leg pain and difficulty putting your socks on in the morning then the Lower Back: Healthcare Sensory Belt will help with its muscle tension relieving properties. It is lightweight and can be worn comfortably underneath clothes providing a level of support that will not cause long term muscle atrophy but will provide sensory stimulation to these muscles. The Lower Back: Active Support is made from a rigid neoprene which provides "heavyweight" support for those with weakened lower back muscles where pain is felt during higher level activity whilst for example running, walking, horse riding, playing rugby, riding bicycles or when gardening. Many customers are finding that the combined affects of both supports are proving to be very beneficial and purchase the Lower Back: VertiBaX Multi-Pack.

Q: Other back and joint products on the market can only be worn for short periods of time. Can the Healthcare Products really be worn for long periods of time comfortably?

A: The Healthcare Products really can be worn comfortably for extended periods of time and provide maximum benefit when used in this way. They are uniquely shaped and designed to work with the muscles which support the bone structure around each joint. They are made from a lightweight neoprene which breathes as much as your body temperature needs it to, to maintain a consistent muscle temperature and prevent sweating. Many customers have said how incredibly beneficial and comfortable they are.

Q: Can the Healthcare Products be worn for sporting activity?

A: They can be but we would advise that because of the extra stress put on the body during vigorous exercise the Active Support range of products do provide you with more protection against further injury. Really the combination of the Active Support which will help you enjoy your sporting activity whilst the Healthcare Product which will help the bodies natural repair mechanism speed up the healing process after activity will help you return to normal levels of pain free exercise quicker.

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